"Smart" and networked proprietary devices should be very much called what they are: dystopian junk.

If you want a less polemic term, use "automated surveillance devices," but really all of these TVs, home assistants, toasters, fridges, smoke detectors, etc. are dystopian junk.

We need "low tech" appliances, and we need personal computing devices that are, by design, fully controllable by the people using them.

@therealraccoon it's buck wild that good, dumb appliances are made almost solely by luxury kitchen brands, making reliable equipment that doesn't surveil you yet another privilege retained by the monied.

@microwavenby @therealraccoon yeah it has been forever since I got a TV, it is impossible to find a modern one without listening devices or even a camera. Just goes to show how people wouldn't actually want this crap so it has to be forced onto them through monopoly tactics.

@thufie @microwavenby @therealraccoon the LG software doesn't spy on you (too badly) if you don't sign up for any of the free streaming channels (which are basically awful YouTube-style clip hellholes anyway)

@microwavenby a *good* appliance lasts a long time and i suspect that these prices would seem normal if it weren't for all the easily-destroyed junk that's the norm for the market now.

i wonder how many of those companies take payment plans for things smaller than a refrigerator...

@therealraccoon that's half of the reason why consumer-level IoT is almost universally crap.

The other reason merits calling it not "surveillance devices" but "anal plugs". The act of taking a physical product and artificially tying it to an on-line service in order to extract rent, resulting in a device that will get bricked when said service disappears or one loses an account, is fundamentally abusive and user-hostile, and arguably anticompetitive given that such services usually subsidize the devices.

@therealraccoon I don't see why appliances wouldn't be good to be user controllable. For example with Home Assistant you can easily build cloud-free local home automation. We need access to the devices' firmware and liberate them from the corporate puppet masters.

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