I wrote a small manifesto on git e-mail collaboration and why I think it's just better than the pull-request model that most projects use these days.

@spacekookie So, you need to merge the commits one by one? Why one e-mail is starting with [PATCH v2] instead of [PATCH 2/2 v2]? And if I add a commit later, then [PATCH X/2] is wrong, isn’t that a problem?

I feel like platforms just resolve all the problems inherent to the free form of e-mails, and the fact that clients are mostly bad/old/not designed to handle code.

Also I feel like it’s harder to follow discussions in trees (one reason I hate mailing lists) but I guess it’s more personal.

@melunaka you can apply it one by one, but I have a macro in emacs that applies a whole thread. I do agree though that the tools for this need to be better.

The reason why that email is just PATCH is because I sent it individually. But it won't cause any problems. In hindsight I should have set it to have the same form, but git-am doesn't care about it

@spacekookie oh cool, I didn't know about at all, but will definitely reference it in the future!

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