Trying to make my friend watch The Good Place past the first two episodes.

"Oh i don't enjoy it, it just doesn't seem my thing, too corny and Jameela Jamil is such a ham"

Me sucking down another carton of fine fine ham juice: Just keep watching it.

"Ok fine i love it now, i love Tahani."

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The story of my fandom on The Good Place:

Ok Eleanor's fun, oo Michael love ityesgreat i could get into this Oh Janets the best, classic Janet, Team JaneTAHANITAHANITAHANITAHANITAHANITAHANITAHANITAHANITAHANI

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also undercurrent of my ongoing appreciation of the fine himbo that is Jason.

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@mxsiege honestly i love michael with every ounce of my heart but tahani could, like, GET IT

@mxsiege also "Disco Janet", the best random side character in the history of television 💃

@mxsiege I *just now* realized what himbo means thanks to this toot, which I saw hours ago and just popped into my brain now.

I concur; I also warmed up to the special genius of Jason.

@stelepami i am very down for the trend of good bimbo/himbo representation on tv at the moment.

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