young adults: protect your god damn knees.

if you have to kneel or move around on your knees a lot for any reason, get some soft felt knee pads.

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a performer friend of mine fell to his knees 15 times in a month, and ignored this advice.

Somewhere around the 9th-10th time, he heard a crunch and now his knee is weak.

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@mxsiege Your knees are not boots, they are not made for walking (on). Any technical education will tell you to use tools only for what they are made to do. A hammer is not a screw driver, a knee is not a foot! With lots of rest it should heal but his knees will be a weak spot for the rest of his life! Don't buy OTC painkillers, roll a joint instead!

I saw "protect your god" and thought this was going in a very different direction lol

@puffinus_puffinus trying to think who young peoples god is.. is it Jenna Marbles? is it Kylie Jenner?

@mxsiege I was actually talking to an acquaintance recently about how we now have sex gods (love island type stuff), cooking gods (celeb chefs), music / revelry gods (pop stars), beauty gods, gods of success (well known CEOs) etc etc that has replaced the kind of worship that old Greek gods and goddesses received. How many western kids have a One Direction poster in their bedroom and a load of pop star themed products? We used to make figurines of our gods...

@mxsiege Also don't assume you will be born will good knees. I got one job in my early twenties and had to clean a two story building. I tore my meniscus, have patella femoral pain syndrome, hypermobile knee joints that sublux, crackle, freeze up, and cause bursitis flares. I'm 30 and my knees are shot.

@mxsiege And back. And eyes! And ears. And skin. And lungs.

It all starts to go and then you're fucked: cataracts, back pain (possibly surgery), knee pain (or replacement surgery), hearing aids, etc.

@mxsiege fencing in college wrecked my knees, i shoulda been more careful

@Garrison @mxsiege to be fair, all those people who stabbed you in the knees weren't playing by proper rules

@Garrison @mxsiege unless you fenced saber, but who does THAT? (Lots of people)

@hummingrain not quite, the only weapon that includes the knees as target area is epee, not saber. :) @mxsiege

@Garrison @mxsiege Oh is it epee that targets any point on the body? My memories from one quarter of fencing classes, they're wrong! Nooooo!

@hummingrain yup, epee was the weapon i primarily fenced. in saber, target area is the waist up, because saber fencing was originally meant to teach people to fight on horseback, and you didn't want to hurt the horse. lol

whoops lewd 

@Garrison *especially* if this is happening as a part of pony play

@mxsiege made this mistake as a teen in a high-school play. fell to my knees on a relatively hard floor, felt incredible pain, they've never been the same since. now I *have* to use padding/pads to even remotely handle kneeling 😩

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