Today I'm hoping to work on:

- reading and prep work for two talks I'm scheduled to give next month on the #PleiadesGazetteer of #ancient places

- finishing the first pass on extracting "to do" items from an #accessibility audit report on the #ISawNYU website (isaw.nyu.edu) so we can start improving it to be more useful to everyone

- stretch: cleaning up some busted/inadequate #RDF in my #LinkedData "About #RomanEmperors" thing at paregorios.org/resources/roman


Your last link is giving me a 404 but I'd really like to learn more about your "About Roman Emperors" thing


Yay! Now of course there's the problem that some of the RDF is messed up and the javascript doesn't work because of security models (this was all originally built to run over HTTP instead of HTTPS).

But I have dreams ...


That's the battle cry of any Digital Humanities project

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