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What do you think? Can we get #AncientToday going as a hashtag where we post something that each of us is working on today in the field of #AncientStudies (as broadly understood)? #pedagogy #digital and #YakShaving are fine, not just #research and #writing

I'll start ...

Morgan Lemmer-Webber @mlemweb

@paregorios @JubalBarca @captain_primate @seanmunger @jenniferlouise @steko @ryanfb @precatlady @Electricarchaeo @ekansa @sebhth

I'm fully on board with this plan. Sadly I didn't get to work with any of my own research today. I did, however, recreate the InDesign template for the online journal I work for in Scribus. So now I can do all of the pdf and html production using open source software.

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Welcome to the #BeforeModernTimes hashtag community!

I think (my job biases me this way, of course) that the "how" and "with what" aspects of #ScholarlyCommunication are very much in topic for that hashtag.

It is what we all make it, in any case.

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Okay. What's the chronological cutoff of #BeforeModernTimes? Is 1810 or 1820 "modern"? Most of the history I do is 19th and up to mid 20th century. 😉


At this point, I haven't seen anyone articulate any limits for the #BeforeModernTimes.

Pedants might point to conventional classifications such as those summarized in

but the motivation was not to constrain discussion overly on the basis of time, discipline, or method.

For my little part, I'd enjoy seeing anything that addresses study of the human past via texts (history), physical things (archaeology), modeling, etc.