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Would people be interested in introductory tutorial for Racket that teaches you:

- First how to make a simple IRC client object (no special libraries, just the builtin network libs). Connects to IRC, and you can make a chat-bot.
- Second how to write an IRC client GUI, using the above and the builtin Racket GUI tools.

I'm going to be doing this as an exercise anyway for my own purposes. Maybe I should capture it as a tutorial for others?

@cwebber Would you be interested in publishing this or cross-posting it as a workshop? We have thousands of HS students that'd love something like this.

@zrl hi! It'll be CC0 or CC BY-SA, haven't decided, so it can be read and reused

@cwebber I haven't, but this looks cool! If you have a Hack Club near you & would be interested in giving a workshop at it, I'd be happy to connect you with the local student leaders.

Morgan Lemmer-Webber @mlemweb

@zrl @cwebber

That sounds awesome! Sadly there don't seem to be any clubs in western MA

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@mlemweb @cwebber Ah :-(. If you run into any ambitious high schoolers that'd be into something like this, please send them our way.