"I should finally not bring a giant pile of old computers with me just because I haven't bothered to destroy their old drives this time. I'll just gut all of them and see how many drives I have to destroy"

*pile of gutted metallic corpses to the side, beholding a tower of spinning platter babel*

"oh my god"


Image description: a pile of smashed and dented hard drive plates shimmering in the light

@mlemweb @cwebber try a direct overhead photo where the platters fill the frame. It's gonna be a great wallpaper.

@qwazix @cwebber

I didn't think they came out as well, the lighting wasn't dispersed enough for my phone camera to do it justice and I already packed the DSLR

@mlemweb @cwebber I think that if you pack them together a bit more so less table is visible it's gonna be much better. Still though with a bit of cropping...


@qwazix @cwebber

It does look better cropped and in black and white!

Here's another for you to play around with

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