Off to WisCon (feminist scifi/fantasy convention here in Madison, WI)

Tomorrow @mlemweb is giving one of the "programmable publishing using Scribble/Racket" workshops (ie, programming for writers / people who don't think of themselves as programmers)

Unfortunately, due to confusion, the brochure for @mlemweb's session doesn't say "Programmable Publishing" on it, it says "LibrePlanet", which was a miscommunication. It's not LibrePlanet related, other than that we also did one after LibrePlanet!

@cwebber @mlemweb Ouch. Does the description at least match the talk or did that get goofed up as well?

@craigmaloney @cwebber

Nope, according to the description, I'm teaching people how to program using LibrePlanet

Ah well, we'll see how things turn out

@mlemweb @cwebber 🤦

Hope the day improves, and hoping that whatever lab you're in doesn't have LibrePlanet installed with no root access. 😏


@craigmaloney @cwebber

Update: The room we're in has no audio/visual equipment ...

so we're bringing in the largest monitor we've got and hoping for the best

@cwebber @mlemweb Oh that's disheartening. :(

Hoping you are having better luck with your presentation.

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