#ff for the good post gang. In no particular order but sort of grouped according to themes in ways that will probably only make sense to me
@ElfLord the Lord of elves, Empress of freedom.horse
@toilettrouble scheming viscount of freedom.horse
@maggotboy Snake Boy, the boy who is a snake
@64pinecones the 64th pinecone is the juiciest one
(The theme of this one may have been a little easier to guess than I thought)

#ff cont'd @Xibanya who was on Mastodon before it was cool. I know because I was there. I'm cool you fuckers, accept it, accept it!
@live look, I know, he's gone, but I still hold out hope that the sound of my voice can summon him back to the toot realm
@max solid posting all round
@owlbear the bear owl
@Sargoth not Youtube fool Sargon, as I for some reason assumed at first
@DamienOwens he doesn't toot much, but listen one of #ireland's top tweeters

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