I want to make a #diy "#solar #generator" (aka: solar panels hooked up to a #battery or two with nice output ports like usb, 12v car/cigarette, and an #inverter).

Here's my current list, which may or may not be acquired through amazon: a.co/9nTiPA3

Still need the box (toolbox or similar) or make my own out of wood.

Purpose: for camping either with the #RV or not, hence not built into the RV. Also, just in case of The Big One :)

Anyone here done one? What's yours look like?


@Greg my diy version looks like a house with solar panels on it, so not too portable ;)

I'd skip the inverter unless you're running something that demands AC power. (And if you are much, this 100 watt system is likely undersized.) Get a vehicle adapter for laptops, that is more efficient than converting to AC.

@Greg I also have a very small portable system, a 1 foot square panel (17 watts iirc) with a lion battery and usb and laptop ports. Light enough for backpacking and it's charged a whole family's gadgets including laptops when camping in sunny summer conditions.

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