Petnames for Self Sovereign and Human Readable Identifiers:

Advanced reading / topic paper I'm submitting for Rebooting Web of Trust, Spring 2018

I'd love feedback btw!

@cwebber secure scuttlebutt has this in production FYI.

@joeyh Cool to hear... do they do the visual distinction of "how you come to know the name" (eg WoT shown differently than added directly by the user)?

@joeyh It looks like it has part, but not all, of what's talked about in Mark Miller's vision for petnames (or as I understand it, as described in that paper). It doesn't have the multiple, and visually distinct, types of petname representations depending on "where it came from" afaict?

When I spoke to Mark, he was insistent that this is a really important and key part of the design.

Still, good to see that the minimum of it is in there.


@cwebber the data needed to display such things is there; none of the clients display it in that particular way.

(I had posted a reply earlier saying that, but it seems that it silently failed to post, while displaying on my screen here?)

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