new laptop ssd failed today exactly the same as the old laptop's ssd did in december: Random files got their contents replaced with garbage from elsewhere on the filesystem

wtf is going on with my ssds?

this time around the garbage is all tor logs

@joeyh are you sure it's the SSD, rather than the RAM or filesystem causing metadata weirdness?

@samis it's a whole different laptop than last time. Maybe a kernel bug?

my best clue on this is that so far, every affected file is a file that dpkg would touch, and a majority of them are /var/lib/dpkg/info files

(bearing in mind that I've seen dpkg make assumptions that broke btrfs long ago, although I'm using ext4 and would not really expect such breakage with it)

@joeyh linuxs ssd support and ssd bioses are still under development? Arch wiki has some possible bugs.

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