What's your over-under on the generation-after-next of processors from either Intel, AMD, or Arm being designed to avoid Spectre attacks?

I'm seeing a whole lot of acceptance of the status quo in discussion of CPU design and Spectre, but the status quo has a way of changing.


I'm wondering, for example, if the branch predictor could take the page table/TLB into account, thus preventing one process from poisoning its predictions for another process.

(Also, I know bumpkiss about CPU design. I actually managed to fail a college class on it. True story.)


it would be fairly easy to do a hardware CLFLUSH on every context switch.

performance could be retained by windowing the caches (something like what SPARC does with registers).

but this isn't something that is a simple patch to the CPU design, we will probably have to wait for the next couple of microarchs before this is done

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