Took more clicks to disable secure boot to install Debian than it took to get through the debian installer on my new laptop.

@joeyh I've the Yoga 900 myself (the USB-C port just failed, boo). A reaonsable machine, though I've not gotten much use out of tablet mode.

@liw surprises with this one:

1. only 1 usb port, boo hiss
2. almost an inch narrower than my previous laptop despite same screen size
3. apparently it has no fan?!

@joeyh Mine definitely has a fan, but it's a fairly quite one. I like the screen on mine (brigh, manylots pixels), though I need to fix grub and kernel to use a bigger font (desktop sw is ok). 13" screen.

I do not like the keyboard, however. I make a lot more typos than with my ext one. Record so far, on the Yoga, is 15 types mistyping password in a row.

@liw seems that model numbers like 710 mean increasingly little; some 710's have a fan, some don't. I lucked out.

@joeyh I can't keep track of Lenovo's models and names anymore. It's too complicated for my brain.

@joeyh that's probably because you didn't choose "Expert install" in Debian installer, right?

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