just read an apartment therapy before/after article about a kitchen renovation and the person said they got rid of their dishwasher because they don't have many dishes to clean (fine) and that it seems like a water waster (completely wrong!!!) and I screamed internally. hand washing uses much more water!!!

@dthompson I remember being shocked to find out just how much more efficient modern day dishwashers are at water use than hand washing. Did not expect it.

@cwebber @dthompson I'm likewise surprised by this

is water used in pre-rinsing included?


@cwebber @dthompson
also, the hand-washing numbers I found seem to assume one is running the faucet continually while washing

(I typically use 5 gallons to hand wash and rinse a full sink of dishes. Double sinks have two sinks precisely to allow this to be done efficiently.)

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@joeyh @cwebber my current dishwasher says it uses around 2-3 gallons per cycle.

@joeyh @cwebber @dthompson I know about how long it takes to fill the kettle with 1 liter (quart) of water, and I dont think I let the tap run even that long when I do one dinner's dishes for three people.

Spray bottle with detergent + water saves me a lot of detergent and water.

Showering uses far less water than taking a bath.
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