@joeyh He became too much of a liability for the FSF, and, frankly, the free software movement he willed into existence.

In my opinion, and it seems many agree.

This is an example of why I don't want to have heroes.

I don't like heroes too, and RMS in particular, but this was bullying and harassment... and I hate bullies more than heroes...

@RLetot @joeyh I don't think RMS was or is being bullied or harassed here.

unless I missed something, what he really wrote has been grossly mischaracterized. For example, I didn't see him defend Epstein or say that «the girl» was entirely willing.

Now maybe bullied and harassed are ill-chosen, English is not my mothe tongue, maybe «media-stormed» is more acceptable ?

Don't get me wrong, I think that was long overdue, RMS totally lacks social skills, and more. But I don't like how it happened. Really.

@RLetot @joeyh I disagree entirely with your summary of what happened.

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