cleared cookies and watched a couple of youtube videos about super mario speedruns.

this was enough for youtube to start recommending Jordan Peterson videos.

I think I just speed ran youtube's shitty algo, but I really don't wanna

@joeyh I've taken to watching YT exclusively in Incognite mode, by Web.

Actually, I've taken to watching YT exclusively via

No tracking, option to switch to Reddit comments. No ads.

And the suggestions are ... well, they're what they are.

mpv and mps-youtube are also far better -- audio only which for most of what I'm interested in is a net win.

Ability to easily search and create temporary or permanent playliists also hugely useful.


@dredmorbius invidious redirects to, afaics google can still track you

(no cookie sent on my request, but I don't see anything preventing cookie or IP address correlation etc)

@dredmorbius it is enough under the radar that it defeats my ISP's high res video throttling, so there's that

@joeyh Right, unless there's a video proxy at some point you're going to have that.

Simply defeating the account-based tracking and profiling is a in though.

Or even the *non-account* tracking. As my own Incognito sessions age, it's interesting to see what the recommendations look like.

Given the recent rampant increase in pre-roll ads, that's happening less I simply won't watch those.

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