not every day you get to delete 2% of the code from your program, while improving it

(or if it is, I want to be you in 50 days..)

@joeyh I guess there's some rounding to zero that happens here, other wise you always have epsilon code left for some positive epsilon.

@joeyh I guess you probably meant 2% of the original codebase, otherwise I think there is still more than 1/3 of the original codebase left after 50 days.

OK, I'll stop now 😜

@joeyh I once had a gig where my main claim to fame was reducing the code LoC by half. No exaggeration.

Without changing the function or results.

I still didn't understand what the damned thing was doing, but at least it would fit in the interactive exectution environment to allow examination and debugging.

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