Amazon stealth-primed me. I assume they did some UI tweak so that the place I usually click to avoid enrolling in prime caused me to enroll in it or something. Some dark pattern.

Took 30 minutes to wade through the morass of website to cancel it.

@joeyh they're often doing "do you want free shipping?" and other confusingly designed buttons that look very much like prime buttons but aren't...

@wilbr yeah, ten to one I clicked on the wrong free shipping button since of course my cart qualified

crazy thing is amazon also keeps tryiing to sign me up for Prime Student with a very annoying intersticial before each order. When they're not trying to sign me up for Business Prime.

It was difficult, bit I am mostly Amazon-less in my purchases. I only go on that website now for the occasional holiday gift drives set up by the local indie businesses.

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