it would be useful to have a weed eater, but I can't find any that both run on electricity and don't spew plastic fragments around

plenty of gasoline ones that can have a spinning death disc added, but all the electric ones are so chintsy that they don't support bolting stuff on

What kindsa weeds you tryin to eat?
How much space do they occupy, and what is next to them?

(I may or may not have an idea for you...)

@joeyh i wonder if dewalt is making anything in this realm that would be sufficiently robust. some of their battery-driven stuff has recently crossed a line into actual utility that i didn't really foresee. (i.e., they have a chainsaw that actually seems usable.)

@joeyh I've seen a number of aftermarket metal heads for the cheap weed eaters, it should be an available option. Although there are concerns about chunks of metal splitting off if you hit something hard ...

And there seem to be a range of bladed strimmers available (

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