Some fun hanging out with @dthompson and @jakob today. Expected we'd do a game jam but instead it ended up being a day of showing off demos:

- I showed off datashards; basically walked through the old magenc & crystal demos. Jakob and Dave seemed impressed, said it would be nice to see that same presentation as a conference talk
- Dave showed off Starling, which looks like a delight to do live-game-hacking in.
- We talked with Jakob about his "Guix Deploy" progress. Exciting stuff.


@dthompson @jakob

- I also did a Goblins/Goblinoid demo. It didn't go over as well; both Jakob and David admitted to being lost, and I don't blame them... Jakob said probably I need to write up a narrative the way I have for the Datashards and OcapPub stuff, since that makes things easier to follow. Probably true.
- We also had a mini potluck! Jakob brought a nice quiche, David supplied snacks and hummus and "beyond sausage" veg sausages (and David's partner made salad), I brought a dal.

@dthompson @jakob Meta-recipe for that dal.

- Chop onion; cook on saute
- Add 2 cups red lentils or other split bean
- 5 cups water
- medium can diced tomatoes / pureed pumpkin
- Add vegetables (today was white potatoes and frozen pre-chopped collards)
- add salt to taste
- tbsp garam masala
- pressure cook high, 25min
- release, stir, add half can coconut milk

Serve with rice; makes a lot.

This may not be the best possible recipe, see the intarwebs for other people who know better.


@cwebber @dthompson @jakob nice dhal recipe! creamy yumness

I do a similar recipe with black beans and rice.. pressure cooking legumes is under-rated I think

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