Libreplanet videos are up

finally getting to see the 1st half of a talk I came into late

but I can't seem to find the super moving keynote about 3d printing medical equipment?

@joeyh I was given assurance that the incredibly offensive, hate-filled keynote will not be posted online.

I hope that LibrePlanet also make a statement condemning it and banning the speaker for Code of Conduct violations in presenting it. If they don't do so, I will have serious questions about whether or not to attend next year.

@emacsen @joeyh Not having attended I know nothing about this, is there a post somewhere analyzing it? I'm surprised you two come to such strongly differing opinions of it.

@clacke @joeyh It was supposed to be a talk on medical devices, but this speaker used the talk to spread hate-filled messages with dog-whistles.

Why didn't some people notice it? That's the thing about dog whistles and with messages that are designed to be subtle. This speaker also knew exactly where the line was, and always couched his attacks by putting them in other people's voices "a friend said", or using images that contrasted what he was verbally saying. [1/2]

@clacke @joeyh This way any transcript would be very hard to place unless you had the full context.

Except for a few minutes of talk about the actual medical devices, was anti-Israeli, not the Israeli government, or Israeli policy, but the Israeli people themselves.

If the FSF doesn't end up enforcing their own Code of Conduct, then I will release my email to them with my full report.

And seeing some people stand up and cheer at this talk made me nauseous and fearful for my safety.


@emacsen @clacke @joeyh This makes me sad. I'd seen a talk Tarek Loubani gave in 2015 and recall thinking he was doing some really cool stuff (and don't remember anything hateful). I was excited to meet him, but ended up not being able to attend LibrePlanet. I know he got shot in Gaza so maybe that has changed his world view. :(

@joeyh The videos are up, and so are the first halves of the talk titles...😕

@joeyh Yeah I've started watching those already.

Funny thing is I received that email announcement right after listening to an old @librelounge episode where the talked about how much they enjoyed going to conferences.

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