Re Cloudflare VPN, it's anticompetitive to run a VPN when you control so much HTTP traffic that you can and have made other VPNs painful to use for years (eg blocking Tor)

(I realize that "anticometitive" == "unicorn opportunity" these days, but still: Fuck that.)

@joeyh That's why they do it. Unlike the last century, they can get away with it.

@joeyh And it has not become clearer how they pay that frckn thing. No company that's somewhat interested in doing well will subsidize sth. like a free VPN with their real money makers.They either collect a good amount of Data or they don't know how to do busines

@frommMoritz @joeyh They said it's going to be freemium, so they will have a paid option for faster speed etc.

@frommMoritz @joeyh I don't trust them not to collect metadata, but they do have plans to make the VPN pay for itself.

1. A freemium model they will introduce later.
2. Using the free VPN as a testbed for a later enterprise VPN offering.
3. Having end-users on their VPN makes sites on their CDN faster for them, which helps them sell CDN services.


@joeyh it’s unclear to me what even a cloudflare vpn would do.

Why do we care about tunneling traffic into their latest PoP? That’s essentially just masking data from the last mile isp

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