ummm yeah, that makes no sense at all

@joeyh I've been meaning to configure XDG dirs to use some more sensible for that, but I've never gotten around to it. The defaults for XDG are fairly far away from how I like to organise my stuff. For example, I do NOT want to have a ~/Documents or a ~/Pictures or a ~/Videos directory. Those make no sense to me.

@liw I wonder how many programs hardcode the default xdg dirs?

@joeyh Guilty!

Things like that is one reason why I've not gotten around to changing XDG configs for myself.

My desktop and terminal configs are a parlimentary mess. (I'd say "royal mess", but I don't hold with monarchies.)

@joeyh This is the kind of thing I wish "command line frameworks" did right. I don't care about coloured --help output, fancy tab completion support, or such.

@liw Luckily, none of those have anything to do with the xdg basedirs spec. :-)

@jamessan I've misunderstood something then.

Basically I want my home dir to be empty when I create it. Not even /etc/skel.

@joeyh It's just sharing within a very...very, very limited scope. Makes perfect sense!

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