@joeyh The stark lines that states can produce (eg florida, south dokota, and south carolina) where you'd imagine those feelings would "bleed" more into the neighboring state.


@Greg that may due to model artifacts I guess..

I was more surprised that cities have higher levels of prejudice

@joeyh yeah, I was assuming some of that state boundary stuff is due to the resolution you get from counties, especially out west. But the FL-GA boarder is just odd to me, and SC.

Re cities, that just confirms my mental bias of "cities being liberal because you have to learn how to live with a lot of different people so then you think others who hate that idea are weird". Or something, it's not a fully fleshed out idea :)

@Greg not sure I understand that, my bias was that city people who have learned how to live with many different people would be less opposed to things like a family member marrying such a different person

@joeyh I think that's true except this is "partisan" prejudice. So if you think the opposite (eg: are a social conservative) then they (the city liberal) won't like you.

@joeyh I realize now that I just repeated what the thing is without adding any information.

And now I'm over my 5 minutes/hour allotment for mastodon/social networks....

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