Hmm, this is interesting

I love that there are so many of us thinking deeply, if weirdly, about how to 'reboot computing'.

We all have different ideas and sometimes those ideas conflict on the details, but there's a substantial amount of agreement about roughly what's wrong with the Unix model of computing we've inherited, *very roughly* what we'd like, and .... a pleasing amount of vagueness about the details because we haven't yet built it.



@natecull this article is about half of a description of Functional Reactive Programming.

There's plenty of literature and systems built this way. My fridge is controlled using FRP even.

@joeyh I think there is much to be admired in the FRP concept, and I also don't think I've seen any ground-up implementation of it.

Seen a lot of Javascript frameworks saying they do FRP, or parts of FRP.

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