For interactive use, why would one prefer zsh or fish over bash? I know of more powerful wildcarding, power powerful tab completion, more powerful prompts, in zsh. fish seems to be more user friendly, but I don't know the details.



@liw I used to use zsh, when its tab completion was miles ahead of bash, but bash more or less has caught up.

Various other little features, like shared history between multiple running shells.

But lack of posix compliant scripting became a dealbreaker for me (which is why I have never seriously used fish either); also I remember zsh having quite a lot of bugs a decade ago.

@joeyh I tend to turn of bash's autocompletion additions, since they often don't work for me. I'm curious to see how zsh and fish do in that regard.

I'm not really interested in anything but /bin/sh (via dash, currently) for shell scripting, but I may move more of that to, say, Python, as time goes by.

Only considering changing my interactive shell for now.

@liw I often do some little for loop piping to grep or whatever in my interacitive shell

@joeyh @liw I do lots of loop grepping in my interactive shell

As a sysadm, most of my scripting is worked out on the command line

@joeyh I've developed some ... embarrassingly complex shell scripts as bash "one-liners"


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