so I bought a couple of pawpaws, a fruit tree native to the eastern US that I had no idea about until recently. they are one of those anachronistic plants that still exist despite losing their partners. they relied upon mastodons to spread their seed and attract carrion flies to pollinate their flowers. if/when my trees are old enough to produce fruit, I will need to hand-pollinate them, which will be interesting.

just look at these things! they look tropical!


@dthompson the pawpaw craze is weird to me; we used to go up the holler behind the house and get pawpaws.

I have never been a big fan at least of those wild ones, too sweet.

(BTW, filberts don't mind shade)

@joeyh I've never even tasted them, but it's such an interesting native plant that I'd like to try growing it. it makes a nice ornamental if nothing else.

and yes, hazelnuts will be OK with shade, but they will bush out too big for the space in front of my porch, so I will be planting those somewhere else.

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