Responded to an idle issue auto-close ping like this

Will probably become my boilerplate response, so any improvements welcome and please consider using it too.

@joeyh argh, I hate those things. especially when all issues are "closed" because a project switches bug trackers and they don't leave any trail to get from the old issue to the new one

@joeyh s/certianly/certainly/g

I hate these things, because they're used to make a project look better than it is. I make a point of going through old issues, and verifying they are still there (manually) and checking that I haven't missed any duplicates etc.

I feel like that's more work, but it's also quite obvious to me that it improves the project.

The one case where I do "idle ping"s is when something hasn't been confirmed yet. I feel like that's a compromise to weed out weird flukes.

@joeyh What strategy / tactics do you suggest for an understaffed project dealing with an epic issues backlog?

@joeyh Ah yes, the old RedHat F*** You of autoclosing requests because they're N months old.

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