TWRP -> LineageOS -> f-droid -> termux -> proot -> debian

Installing a decent OS keeps getting easier & easier or something.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to cut 4 of those layers out of the equation?

I am glad all those projects exist though.

@joeyh it's a far cry from 'dd a Debian iso' -> reboot -> press enter six times, but I'll take it

@joeyh ???

What's TWRP?

And ... is this instaling Debian on a device formerly known as Android?

TWRP is a boot menu and pre-boot administration tool that allows you to modify your OS -- install new system applications, install new distros, etc.

The device will still be known as Android, because Debian would run inside termux inside Android.
I *think* you can replace termux+proot with GNUroot? Haven't tried either myself.
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