I have still no video from #Atiyah on the #RH Riemann hypothesis. It may have been streamed here:


But that player is very crappy, you can't seek, and it's UI tends to fall apart. So we'll have to wait for it to appear on youtube here:


The website of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum is also rather confusing. There seems to be no link from the calendar to the live stream, and searching for 2018 returns nothing. Why is your site so crappy, #HLF?

Four days after Atiyah's presentation it's clear that his proof is wrong and can't be fixed. The purported proprties of his Todd function are contradicting, so it cannot exist.

The Aperiodical's closing piece by @christianp and Katie Steckles puts it all in perspective. Which is something the media didn't manage to do properly:


“Being wrong isn’t a bad thing like they teach you in school. It is an opportunity to learn something.” – Richard Feynman


@RefurioAnachro I'm wondering about this part of the blog it linked to -- a sly joke or?

This is neither hairsplitting nor special pleading but a need we feel as computer theorists who have used strongly-typed programming languages. rjlipton.wordpress.com/2018/09

I don't know what they mean, @joeyh. It seems to relate to the fact that 1+ζ looks equivalent to s+b and I imagine that their 'sly joke' is aimed to hint at the fact that a strongly typed system might allow adding one, while general addition would require a larger type.

Thanks for linking that blog post into our thread!

That's clearly some cheesy comment of mine, @joeyh. Oh well, I have simply no idea what they meant.

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