@dredmorbius I "sheesh" at NPR's tech coverage whenever I forget to turn it off at the start of a story; it's uniformly atrocious.
Still, this stands out:

"So we know, for example, that things like our emails or our online documents and photos are all really valuable to us. And they feel like they belong to us. But actually, we don't own them. And it's really hard to price all that stuff. There's never been a way, for example, to price an individual email or a photo."


@joeyh Just because Some Vested Silicon Valley Sleezebag (and / or National Surveillance Thug) says you don't actually own something ... does not mean you cannot assert property rights.

Or that ownership == exchange value.

Yeah, that's pretty asinine.

I gave up on NPR years ago. And not just for tech coverage.

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