"If you do not want to receive further emails of this kind, please log in to your account and delete it."

Okay then.


Ok, so, this company sent me spam a week ago, and the only way to opt out was to delete my account, which I did. Today they sent me spam again, urging me to delete my account if I do not want to receive more. I checked, I cannot log in to my account anymore.

This isn't going to be easy, is it? Well, two can play that game. Have a nice GDPR data access request.


"We are fully aware of our legal obligations. We see your account deletion in our system, but due to a problem in the synchronization between our account and mailing systems, the deletion did not propagate. This error will be corrected today, our colleagues are working on the problem right now. We guarantee you will not be sent mail again."

No response to my data request though. I'm going to be nice today, and not pester them with that, unless they fail their promise.

@algernon "It takes up to 8 weeks for us to delete an address from our mailing list" - or variations thereof - is an excuse I've seen a number of times. As someone whose actually written a mailing list manager, I don't buy it. They're either lying or catastrophically inept.

@liw @algernon oh idk, if you're running a million spam bots on IOT devices, talking to third party CNC servers run by some mobsters, it may take a while to get in touch with them all


@liw @algernon I wonder if there has been any study of how submitting such a form affects the overall level of spam received. It seems that an confirmation that a human read the spam would be valuable

@joeyh @liw I don't think there was enough time to conduct a research with regards to GDPR. Would be an interesting read, though.

(And I'm keeping an eye on the amount of spam on the dedicated address I've been using for this particular company.)

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