anonymous donation (160 weeks of $0.25)
anonymous donation (171 weeks of $0.47)
anonymous donation (36 weeks of €3.47)

backers are amazing me -- that's a lot of weeks to have pre-donated. But also stressing me out; I have a *lot* of Euros stuck in my account now.

(Was able to finally withdraw USD, which is like 1/5th as big as the Euros.)

@joeyh I looked a bit into the Estonian eResident program. If you can get through the program one of the thing it allows you to open a bank account in Estonia. Maybe it would be easier to withdraw money from a Eurozone bank?

To me the most annoying part of the application is it looks like as part of the process you have to meet their embassy staff. I don't know of a consul counts, or if you have to go to Washington DC to complete the process.


@alienghic good idea, doesn't fit the current time limit I'm afraid.

@joeyh I was thinking of applying for the eresident program, but mostly because I'm feeling cranky about the USA not because I have anything useful I to do with it. (Perhaps making euro denominated donations to Eurozone free software developers would be useful enough)

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