Worth reading even if only to find where you think it's wrong about .
(HN concluded it was a hit piece and promptly buried it.)

Interesting that Cory Doctorow posted an anti-Facebook article today.. In Locus.

@joeyh I read a bit of this, then started skimming. I got to a section that said SOPA and PIPA were good legislation and closed the tab.

@joeyh well I certainly didn't find any factual errors in it. This quote was a good summation: "Put simply, the lords of the internet care very little about user privacy—what they want to preserve, at the end of the day, is their own commercial license against the specter of government regulation of any kind."

@joeyh thanks for posting that; the article's severely misguided on defending copyright (and made no effort to fairly address that view), but the EFF critique still remains.

I always thought EFF was merely reformist and pragmatic in the way it avoided certain hardline positions in criticizing corporations. I now see how I was always giving benefit-of-the-doubt, maybe more than deserved.

I still support many of their projects, of course.

@joeyh and a good interview with the author on This Is Hell (a great long form interview radio show out of Chicago):

Modulo the SOPA/PIPA bits it's a well done article and interview.

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