Anything that reacts in less than 100 ms is instant, and acceptable for interactive use (except when touch typing text, where the limit is less).

Anything less than 1 s is tolerable for interactive use. 100 to 1000 ms is annoying, but tolerable.

1 to 5 s is intolerable for interactive use, and should be considered a bug. I'm likely to start looking for alternative software while I wait.

Anything over 5 s is only suitable for batch mode.

I'm getting too old for this stuff. I have no patience


@liw I recently clicked on a link in google, and nothing happened, not even a spinner. clicked again. nothing. Started copying and pasting the url. Then the link loaded.

Shitty javascript spyware that assumes 10ms round trip time, not a trip to orbit and back.

@joeyh Shitty javascript is why we can't have nice things.

I'm still fond of the HN comment about Branchable by someone who was AMAZED at how fast the pages load. Not bad for a single Linode hosting hundreds of sites.

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