the single most important criteria when replacing Github

Consider all the data that's used to provide the value-added features on top of git. Issue tracking, wikis, notes in commits, lists of forks, pull requests, access controls, hooks, other configuration, etc.

Is that data stored in a git repository?

@joeyh I'm unsure what is ment by "notes in commit". My immediate thought is commit messages which are definitly stored in git as they are an integral part of it, but surely I'm misunderstanding something here?

Anyway, gitlab wiki pages are a git repo as far as I can remember reading in the docs.


@espen github has an interface to attach comments to parts of commits, typically used during code review

@joeyh Ah, you mean the discussion during a pull request, not the commit message itself. Yeah, thats not a part of the git repo.

But then, git was not designed to do tasks that other tools perform better, like relational database (or something) for github, or email lists for the original users (linux kernel devs)

Gitlab is the closest I have found to githubs ways of working.

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