the single most important criteria when replacing Github

Consider all the data that's used to provide the value-added features on top of git. Issue tracking, wikis, notes in commits, lists of forks, pull requests, access controls, hooks, other configuration, etc.

Is that data stored in a git repository?

@joeyh how do you feel about activitypub as an interoperability mechanism instead?

@technomancy like I say in the blog post, it neglects an pportunity.

Unless activitypub gets as much distributed power as git has.

(But, consuming data from a git repository and communicating it over activitypub would be fine.)

@joeyh @technomancy @cwebber

Joey, what do you mean by "Unless activitypub gets as much distributed power as git has."

Have you seen ?

And does git-ssb have such power?


@bhaugen well, @cwebber has talked about using in activitypub and the result looks a lot like ssb to me.

@joeyh @cwebber

Would be interesting to pursue your other issues from your blog post, and also the issues around work coordination that have been mentioned in SSB, in an activitypub federated git.

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