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let's all remember to support accessibility. i imagine it's likely that there are #blind folks amongst us that can't actually see the pictures you're posting. include a little text about it. you've got 500 characters after all, use it!

also, those of us using the command line will appreciate it too :)

#a11y #cli #meta

Jason Lefkowitz @jalefkowit

@wxl I just realized that there's no facility in Mastodon for providing ALT text when uploading an image. That seems like it should be really low-hanging fruit, accessibility-wise. I'm kind of surprised it's not a bigger issue.

It looks like at least somebody is working on it: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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@jalefkowit thanks for the share! that's good to know. on the other hand, a little text works, too!

@wxl Oh yeah, definitely. I'm just a big believer in software doing the right thing by default instead of users having to hack around it to make doing the right thing possible.

@jalefkowit i couldn't agree with you more. but even software properly designed is useless unless people think about using it. unfortunately, the normally-enabled rarely consider the disabled. sad but true. it's a matter of lacking perspective. they have to purposely think about it.

@wxl Yep. I had the good fortune early in my career to work at a university with a big program in accessible technology. The folks I met there helped me get some of that perspective you're talking about.

@jalefkowit i'm glad to hear it. i, too, ran into some good folks that fought long and hard for accessibility despite the fact that they personally didn't need it. perspective is a good thing to have. and like others have said, accessibility benefits everyone!