Just saw an interesting post from a major cosmetics manufacturer:

"An audit of our social content and strategy demonstrated that on average, only 6% of our followers are serviced with our content in their newsfeed because we don’t pay to play. "

...they have millions of followers on Facebook etc, but almost no one sees their posts.

Their response is to try promoting their own websites instead of ad-based third parties'.


(Article name is a coincidence!)


@switchingsocial Very interesting. I have a positive impression of Lush (which I don't have of many companies). They really should join the fediverse, maybe by implementing ActivityPub in Lush Player or something. Maybe you could contact them about this? :)


Yeah, Lush is better than most companies. They're what Body Shop used to be like many many years ago.

One of Lush's founders shared this article on Twitter, I replied with some links to Mastodon (as it's the most polished, widest-reaching bit of the Fediverse) suggesting they could "roll their own" social media too.

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