@filkerdave Hello random fediversian! What do you like? (Also, does Cambridge count as Boston?)

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@filkerdave @aschmitz they have (had?) a tendency of featuring some exquisite cask-aged tripels that are unforgettable tbh

@aschmitz @filkerdave my only other bar rec in Boston was a dive called Wally's on Mass Ave, but you gotta go late. It's hot, the beer is crap and too expensive, and, if it's still there thirty years on, some of the hottest up and coming jazz players the city has to offer on any given night. But thirty years is a long time in the bar business so... I'm old af.

@djsundog @aschmitz @filkerdave the only place 'round i've actually gotten cocktails was, like,... that place that used to be the Enormous Room back in the day? but it's also in cambridge. 🤷

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@filkerdave @djsundog Also if you're there, may I also recommend Friendly Toast right across the plaza for brunch? (or other meals, but definitely brunch) Better than it has any right to be, and appropriately kitschy.

@filkerdave In Boston proper, the Beehive is pretty good, with live music most (all?) evenings, for that extra bit of @djsundog approval. Stoddard's is also quite good. Both are vaguely in the fancy direction, not that you need to be dressed up to get in. There's a decent dive I seem to recall, but I'll have to consult a map. The semi-outside bar at the Liberty is decent too, for a hotel bar.

@djsundog @filkerdave Unrelated to the previous discussion, but if that's your area, definitely take a tour through the Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy museum. (There's also a decent history of the Christian Science thing, including the Monitor, if that's your thing, but the Mapparium is impressive on its own.) Nominal fee for admission, also nice grass and fountains outside.

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@aschmitz Close enough. I'm staying with friends in Somerville for the next 2 weeks and then move to East Boston on 2018-09-08. If I can get to it on the T it counts!

There are plenty of places to get beer, but sometimes you want a good cocktail!

@filkerdave Hmm. I should know this, but the bars I've been to around here tend to be more beer-oriented, like Bukowski's. (My absolute fav drink spot is the Bantam Cider taproom in Somerville.) And looking over other people's lists of Top N Cocktail Bars, I'm like, "yep, never been there, or there, or there..." E.g., timeout.com/boston/bars/best-c

@bstacey Where in Somerville? I'm staying there until I move in September!

@filkerdave Near Union Square (if you tell your friends "it's right by the Target" they'll know what you mean). Also in that neighborhood is the Taza chocolate factory, which has a shop and tours.

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