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@zyabin101 Mastodon supports both for now. Support will be dropped in Mastodon 2. GnuSocial devs said they will upgrade to AP too eventually.

@Alda I'm sorry Alda, I didn't follow mastodon latest developments. Do you think you can you explain to me why both Mastodon and GNU Social are dropping OStatus? After all it is already quite deployed and standardized by the W3C.

@Sylvhem From what I know, OStatus is built over a few standards with no concept of privacy in mind.

The W3C group that took the standardization in hands developed ActivityStream and ActivityPub to replace it with something more flexible and better designed by involving a bunch of microblogging software maintainers.

@alda @Sylvhem FYI Both OStatus and ActivityPub are W3C standards, though OStatus has been unmaintained since 2012

Christopher Allan Webber @cwebber

@gargron @Alda @Sylvhem OStatus didn't become an official W3C standard, though it did have a community group around it at one point.

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@cwebber @alda @Sylvhem Oh whoops even worse. That being said, all things OStatus actually made use of, were indeed standards (Atom, ActivityStreams, WebFinger etc)

@gargron @Alda @Sylvhem Yup, didn't become an "official" standard itself, but it was a meta-standard built on top of real standards

@Gargron @cwebber Thank you to both of you for your explanations! It's really a great leap forward then and I'm really happy to see that Mastodon have taken it :).
Now I hope GNU Social, Pleroma and postActiv will follow us soon.