Let's do a little experiment. It's obviously biased by my relative participation in each, but I'm comparing the reach of twitter, facebook, Diaspora, pump, G+, and GNU Social (plus anything that can talk directly to it...that is not via NavierStokes).

Please like this if you see it. Obviously, if you want more people to like it, then you share it, but I'm only going to count likes.

@musicman reposted, though I also feel like a popularity contest on the fediverse doesn't mattter too much


@musicman In fact it's very healthy to have both small and large deployments of fediverse protocols. We're at risk of a monoculture otherwise.

Probably nobody thinks having one piece of software each for email servers and email clients is a good idea... likewise for the fediverse, I say.

Seems like getting Diaspora and pump talking to GNU Social more important than YASN. I guess it's mostly just interesting that I never ever here anyone talk about working on GNU Social. Do people do that?
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