happy bday, me

I am going to spend it dehydrating things, playing video games, hacking things for fun, and then meeting up with friends later.

Friends are coming over and we are having an aFOSSalypse party where we discuss the state of FOSS and I show people how to make MREs

(I do not actually think we are in the aFOSSalypse... well, not if we consider carefully what it means to be principled and ethical)

@cwebber I believe that, in fact, we are. And we have been in the aFOSSalypse for so long we didn't even realise.

FOSS is *overridden* by white, liberal, privileged men who make the place utterly unwelcoming to anyone but them. I've lost count of the times I read sexist, transphobic, or plain right-libertarian toots from FOSS folks (need I bring up what fosstodon's admin did a few months back?)

And don't even get me started on the whole concept of BDFL, I can rant forever about that LOL

@Antanicus Yeah I acknowledge those concerns; the main thing is that I don't think it's the end of all things because I think there's a possibility for action.

@Antanicus @cwebber I am still amazed that people can be advocates for free software and still somehow totally ignore (as in, be ignorant of) the leftist thought that informs the ideology

@Antanicus @cwebber

In the 90s, sexism and transphobia were punchlines in sitcoms, perfectly normal. Now they are outdated and some people are angry about it.

Back in the 90s the white male wasn't the default hacker, he was the only hacker made visible. Now he may be angry about the competition.

He is not overriding anything, he is being overridden. It's just not evenly distributed, so you have some enclaves of privilege refugees.

@cwebber By coincidence, I'm just reading an abstract for a talk where someone uses MRE to mean Managed (programming-language) Runtime Environment. So, uh, sounds like a great party!

@cwebber Happy birthday! And thanks for having it today, you reminded me to call someone else who has a birthday today. 😀

@cwebber happy birthday! And I'm curious to read more about your FOSS thoughts

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