One of the big takeaways from me from apconf was how much I've unfairly discounted the Pleroma community (tbqh because @lain is such a massive shitposter that I don't know how to make sense of it probably). But meeting everyone IRL really made clear how thoughtful that community is, behind all the jokes. Lots of excitement there while discussing (not just w/ the Pleroma folks, but esp with them) about how to make things genuinely better for fediverse users. Thanks for the good chats, friends.


Also, I unloaded a *ton* of ideas on the conference attendees for future of the fediverse; I'm sure it was overwhelming. Throughout the progression of the day at the unconference it was interesting to see a shift, especially from the Pleroma dev team, who (@lain especially taking the lead) expressed healthy skepticism initially on many of them but towards the end seemed to think that many (Datashards and stamps in particular) were quite implementable and would be good for the fediverse.

Main takeaways:
- Introducing ideas is important, but I need to try to introduce them in a bite sized way (I *am* trying to do that, and @librelounge has been walking through many of them, but I can do better)
- I need to give people more space to question the ideas, and patiently develop responses
- I think that @lain is completely right in that a) we need to be careful to introduce these ideas incrementally and make them easy but b) that should be possible for most of them.

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@cwebber I'm really happy this conference gave us space to talk about these new concepts in more detail. Also, it was a lot of fun :)
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