@clacke @librelounge I think it's ok now?

@emacsen moved things from over to a more self-hosting setup, and the usual transition shenanigans occurred ;)

But I think we're good now!

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@cylb @clacke @librelounge @emacsen I guess the nice thing about blips is that you find out that people care ;)

@cwebber @clacke @librelounge @emacsen I just realized I am currently listening to that episode without even having remembered that it was gone an hour ago. :-D

I saw it not-downloaded in AntennaPod and just clicked download and started listening.

Praise the attention span!

> @emacsen moved things from over to a more self-hosting setup

Which also allowed me to start listening again from China! Yay! Since is blocked by the Grand Filter, and I can't usually get VPN connections working on my ancient Androids.

@clacke @librelounge

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