Hello fediverse! What cool thing have you been working on?

@cwebber Hi, I'm working on a smol project to share photos!

@cwebber working on some public facing blog post about #Florence

Looking forward to sharing it.

@cwebber Marmota! I'm really happy how it's going. I can't give it the time I'd like to but I'm enjoying the one I do :D

@cwebber Thanks for asking! My free time the past week went to developing an encyclopedia about the world of #Teraum, a satirical fantasyland I've been developing since I was a wee un, in preparation for some companion projects, like a tabletop RPG ruleset and two podcasts:

(There's been some talk with @AceNovo about looking at using it for something AP/MUD-y, too.)

The hardest thing about running a small scale RPG is getting people to format messages correctly to cooperate with any kind of organization. If players or moderators send messages top the inbox of the thing they are interacting with, the message can be reliably routed for correct organization

@emsenn is a fan of emacs, so...

A longish blog post laying out my vision of portable and peer to peer computing in the hopes of getting funders to peek at it.

@cwebber I updated the website I wrote in 2010 to have (slightly) more adequate security and run on modern PHP.

DAG-based task management website (mostly for myself).

Oh and an animation of the Twitter bird.

@cwebber I've been trying to reboot my "Starbreaker" heavy metal science fantasy saga.

It hasn't been easy.

I've also been trying to set up my own #Gopher site. I got Gophernicus working on my #OpenBSD laptop yesterday, but I still haven't gotten it working on my VPS because I'm not as smart or as skillful with computers as I pretend to be on the internet.

@cwebber Lots of time spent on #Feneas things currently :P Maybe someday I'll have time to implement AP in #Socialhome!

@cwebber a daemon for my e2e encrypted transport thing, to allow easy implementation of protocols without being able to make it "insecure" accidentally!

@cwebber A game jam game that I started prototyping in Ruby and then rewrote in Rust.

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