Ah, I've long wanted to see the Jargon file without seeing ESR's "additions", and here it is:

@cwebber oh yeah i found that in december, it's great

@cwebber I love how ESR took something that originated from a group of Unix Haters on LispM and cheapened it so immensely into unixlore / linuxlore garbage. Oh wait no, I don’t. Also ESR is a schmuck.

@cwebber on the note of the REAL Jargon File, and LispM lore-

@tootboi Where is that running? If you say "in my house" I am gonna be super jealous

I love that so many of these are common currency now, and many more are things I just do too, or do something similar (to my knowledge without borrowing from somewhere else, and I've never seen this before!)

@cwebber Hm, what got added? I devoured the 1991 book as a 13 year old, what additions did I absorb?

@mogwai_poet @cwebber nearly anything unix-y/c related was a deviation from the books cultural history as a mit labs artifact, at a time when unix vs lisp was the dichotomy of the moment

@mogwai_poet @cwebber yeah true but in return you get many more gems like

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