So, to recap the companies that added themselves to my shitlist in 2020:

RIAA (and their members): youtube-dl

Hachette / Penguin / Wiley: suing the Internet Archive

Youtube: breaking youtube-dl

Wizards of the Coast and d20 in general: too much to explain here in a toot.

Any other asshole companies want to be added to this list?

(note: not a request toot. Start your own shitlist.)

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Oh, forgot to add Harper Collins because nobody reads anything published by Harper Collins unless they're 12.

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Fun fact: three of the five publishers that were accused of price fixing in United States v. Apple Inc. are suing the Internet Archive.

Yeah, that's a good look, you fucking cartels.

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@craigmaloney The RIAA has been on my shitlist since 2003 when they decided to sue a 12 year old for downloading mp3s.

@InvaderXan Same here, but they rocketed back to number one on my top 10 list with their latest hit single.

@matthew AFAICT it's broken, but it was enough for me to change some habits I've had around Youtube, not the least of which is removing it from my RSS feeds and unsubscribing from all of the channels.

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